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Discuss your options with a foreclosure attorney in Houston, TX

It's not easy to stop a foreclosure, but legal help from the Law Firm of Min Gyu Kim can give you options. Attorney Kim serves clients diligently and helps them find ways to protect their assets in Houston, TX. By filing for bankruptcy, you can keep your home while dealing with the debt against you.

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Learn more about foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy

Your foreclosure attorney may suggest filing for bankruptcy as a way to protect your home. The type of foreclosure you're dealing with may impact this process. These include:

  • Non-judicial foreclosures - a mortgage company proceeds with notices on the first Tuesday of every month, so you must file for bankruptcy before this.
  • Judicial foreclosures - a foreclosure that occurs as part of a lawsuit. You will want to file for bankruptcy as soon as you receive notification of the suit.
Your foreclosure attorney will help you understand when you need to file. Meet with an attorney today about your situation.